Lauren Campbell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lauren Campbell Photography [email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Thu, 14 Dec 2023 19:50:00 GMT Thu, 14 Dec 2023 19:50:00 GMT Lauren Campbell Photography: Blog 90 120 2023 Christmas Mini Sessions Join us for Christmas Mini Sessions December 17th!

Whether your family traditions include matching pajamas, bedtime stories, or just big smiles - these photos will spread holiday cheer! Kids of all ages are welcome, including their grownups!

This session includes 5 digital files, available via download the following day.

Additional files will be available for purchase when the gallery is delivered.

Reserve your mini-session now

LCP00783LCP00783 LCP01089LCP01089

Reserve your spot!


The mini session will be at my studio in Windsor Heights - 6571 University Avenue, Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324.


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2018 Wedding Sale! Swedberg-99ii-00472Swedberg-99ii-00472

If you're engaged or getting married in 2018 or 2019, NOW is the time to book your photographer!  Through the month of January, I'm offering a FREE parents album - that's a $225 value!

You'll get:

  • High-resolution digital files with printing rights
  • Private gallery with all your images
  • A slideshow video with highlights of your big day - perfect for sharing on Facebook & Instagram!
  • A custom designed, leather album featuring your favorite images of your big day
  • A mobile app with all your images
  • Engagement session (can be swapped for additional time on your wedding day!)


Dates are filling up fast; book yours today!

email:[email protected]



2017 Wedding Prices2017 Wedding Prices

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[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) announcement wedding Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:49:29 GMT
Thank You for an Amazing Year!

WOW!  I can't begin to thank you guys enough for a wonderful 2017!  This year saw sweet couples in love, high school seniors getting ready for the next big adventure, and families full of love and laughter.  Thank you for letting me capture big days and special moments in your lives!  Here's to 2018!


DSC00238DSC00238 DSC00586aDSC00586a DSC03615DSC03615 LCP01373LCP01373 Head composite2017-2 10x20Head composite2017-2 10x20 PeteAlayna-99ii-00281PeteAlayna-99ii-00281 LCP03662-1LCP03662-1 DSC00230DSC00230

thank youthank you

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) announcement family photos high school senior wedding Tue, 02 Jan 2018 19:52:09 GMT
2017 Small Business Saturday custom_fb-cover-photocustom_fb-cover-photo

I'm excited to be participating in 2017's Small Business Saturday with the City of Windsor Heights! 

Check out all the fun things our great Chamber of Commerce has planned!  While I can't be there in person, I'm running a HUGE sale - 25% off any gift certificate purchase!  Good for your future session or on location, for prints or specialty products; a gift certificate is always the perfect size and they'll think of your sweet gift every time they see their portraits! 

custom_social-post-2 25%offcustom_social-post-2 25%off

You can purchase online here until midnight, or stop by my studio at 6571 University Avenue in Windsor Heights from 9:30am-1pm and see my friend Kelly!  

Online purchases will be mailed out the following week; if you'd like a purchase in a different amount, email [email protected] and I'll get you set up!

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Pete & Alayna | Des Moines Wedding Photographer 2017 is full of special weddings for Lauren Campbell Photography.  In addition to all my amazing clients, this is the second of three weddings in 2017 that are close family friends.  Brandon and Kimmi kicked off wedding season with their beautiful day, now it's Pete & Alayna's turn to celebrate!  Their wedding was perfectly planned, even if the weather didn't cooperate.  There may have been a few speed bumps, but nothing could stand in the way of these two celebrating!  From their ceremony at Raccoon River Lodge, to dancing the night away at Decades Event Center; it was an amazing day of celebration for the Westerkamp and Bailey families!  Congratulations, Pete & Alayna!  

Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (15)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (15)

Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (19)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (19)

Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (18)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (18) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (13)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (13) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (17)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (17) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (11)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (11) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (12)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (12) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (14)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (14) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (9)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (9) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (8)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (8) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (10)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (10) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (7)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (7) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (6)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (6) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (5)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (5) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (3)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (3) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (1)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (1) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (2)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (2) Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (4)Des_moines_wedding_photographer_westerkamp_wedding (4)

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2017 Everything Bridal Show Hebert-99-00807aHebert-99-00807a

Hey there!  We're thrilled to be a premium vendor at the Fall 2017 Everything Bridal show on Sunday, September 10th at The Ron Pearson Center at HyVee Conference Center!  This year's show special is $100 off your package if you book by September 24th and a free parent's album ($225 value) if you book before September 30th!

If you're finding us for the first time, I would love to hear more about your big day!  Let's set up time to chat - [email protected] or call/text 515-996-0326

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[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) announcement Sat, 09 Sep 2017 18:15:04 GMT
Voted Favorite Kid & Baby Photographer by Des Moines Parent Magazine! 2017 Favorite Kid/Baby Photographer

By Des Moines Parent Magazine Readers!


I was blown away when I found out I won 2017 Favorite Kid/Baby Photographer by the readers of Des Moines Parent Magazine!  I've followed the work of Erin at Des Moines Parent for a few years, and love their new magazine!  There are so many talented and amazing photographers here in Central Iowa, and I am so incredibly honored to have been voted favorite in Des Moines for 2017! 

Check out the Des Moines Parent website, and be sure to follow them on Facebook


Click here to see the August edition of Des Moines Parent Magazine!

DM Parent Cover2DM Parent Cover2


[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) announcement Wed, 23 Aug 2017 17:45:22 GMT
2017 Fall Family & Mini Sessions!  

2017 Fall Family & Mini Sessions!


With school starting any day now, fall family photos are just around the corner!  

This is my stepdaughter's senior year of high school, and commitments with her marching band are quickly filling up my calendar.  In order to accommodate all of my amazing clients, I've set up 3 dates in October for family and mini-sessions.

These 25 minute mini-sessions include unlimited poses (whole family, kids only, mom and kids, etc.)  with high resolution digital files ready the following day!  Whether you're planning for holiday cards or updated photos of the kids; this is the perfect time to cross it off your to do list!  These sessions will be held outdoors at a scenic location to be announced. 

You can also book your 1 hour family session online!  The one hour session includes all of the above, plus a $50 print credit!

Reserve your time for October 2nd, 22nd, or 28th today!

With the limited availability of these sessions, cancellations within one week of scheduled time are non-refundable.  


Click here to book your fall mini sessionClick here to book your fall mini session


DSC00026DSC00026 DSC00293 (1)DSC00293 (1) DSC00319 (1)DSC00319 (1)

DSC00019retouched (2)DSC00019retouched (2) DSC00763DSC00763 DSC00901DSC00901


[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) family photos Mon, 21 Aug 2017 21:03:31 GMT
Brandon & Kimmi | Des Moines Wedding Photographer One of the many awesome things to experience as a photographer is getting the chance to photograph milestones for your own family.  The Swedbergs are like family; I've known Brandon for over twenty years and when he introduced Kimmi to our crew, we knew she was the perfect match for him.  

Brandon and Kimmi planned such a beautiful day, starting at the gorgeous Plymouth Church in Des Moines.  We took advantage of the magnificent grounds for their first look and informal photos before formal portraits in the sanctuary.  Their union was celebrated with a quick ceremony before they were sent off with cheers for a quick stop at Johnny's Hall of Fame before the reception.  When the bridal party arrived at Embassy Club West out at West Glen, we took advantage of the gorgeous surroundings for photos around the pond and pedestrian path that was helpfully scouted by the moms!

Enjoy these photos from their lovely day! 




Swedberg-99ii-00065Swedberg-99ii-00065 Swedberg-99ii-00266Swedberg-99ii-00266 Swedberg-99ii-00114Swedberg-99ii-00114 Swedberg-99ii-00164aSwedberg-99ii-00164a Swedberg-99ii-00147Swedberg-99ii-00147 Swedberg-99ii-00484Swedberg-99ii-00484 Swedberg-99ii-00439Swedberg-99ii-00439 Swedberg-99ii-00526Swedberg-99ii-00526 Swedberg-99ii-00538Swedberg-99ii-00538 Swedberg-99ii-00597Swedberg-99ii-00597 Swedberg-99ii-00400Swedberg-99ii-00400

Swedberg-99ii-00649Swedberg-99ii-00649 Swedberg-77-00047Swedberg-77-00047 Swedberg-99ii-00818Swedberg-99ii-00818 Swedberg-99ii-00832Swedberg-99ii-00832


Swedberg-99-00241Swedberg-99-00241 Swedberg-99-00245Swedberg-99-00245 Swedberg-99-00305Swedberg-99-00305 Swedberg-99-00274Swedberg-99-00274 Swedberg-99-00348Swedberg-99-00348 Swedberg-99ii-00970Swedberg-99ii-00970 Swedberg-99ii-00997Swedberg-99ii-00997 Swedberg-99ii-01020aSwedberg-99ii-01020a Swedberg-99-00386aSwedberg-99-00386a Swedberg-99ii-01050Swedberg-99ii-01050 Swedberg-99-00471Swedberg-99-00471 Swedberg-99-00267aSwedberg-99-00267a

Congrats, Brandon & Kimmi!

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) wedding Thu, 03 Aug 2017 13:00:00 GMT
Mitch & Tiffany Wood | Des Moines Wedding Photographer Tiffany and Mitch are another great couple I met through Bonnie at Perfect Events.  Their April 1st wedding made them a couple of 'fools' in love!  Their ceremony was held in the gorgeous St. Ambrose Cathedral in Downtown Des Moines.  After formal photos, this adorable couple partied with friends at a few stops around downtown before their grand entrance at Scottish Rite.  Amazing food by Hickory Park and fantastic entertainment by DJ Cubbie were the icing on the cake for this delightful couple's big day!

Congrats, Tiffany & Mitch!  



a992-07596a992-07596 a992-07589a992-07589


a99-00043a99-00043 a99-00094a99-00094 a99-00117a99-00117 a99-00165a99-00165 a99-00189a99-00189 a992-07888a992-07888

a992-07977a992-07977 a99-00425a99-00425 a99-00471a99-00471 a99-00686a99-00686 a992-08641a992-08641 a992-08770a992-08770



[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Sat, 03 Jun 2017 23:30:31 GMT
Six Month Old Bennett | Des Moines Photographer One of the best feelings as a small business owner is when clients come to you as referrals.  It means they saw my work, heard good things from an existing client and wanted to hire me - what a compliment!  It's especially meaningful when they become some of your biggest cheerleaders too!  I met Bennett's mom and dad for their engagement photos before they jetted off for their destination wedding.  I was delighted when they called to schedule maternity and newborn photos, and in a blink of an eye, it was time for six month photos!  Bennett was all smiles during our shoot; a total trooper for several outfits and poses.  What a happy baby!  Can't wait for his 1 year photos!

DSC04702-Edit_WEBDSC04702-Edit_WEB DSC04850a_WEBDSC04850a_WEB DSC04733_WEBDSC04733_WEB DSC04996_WEBDSC04996_WEB DSC04773_WEBDSC04773_WEB DSC04973a_WEBDSC04973a_WEB DSC04853a_WEBDSC04853a_WEB

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Family Photos Milestone Session Fri, 24 Feb 2017 22:00:00 GMT
Michaela & Justin Bartels | Central Iowa Wedding Photographer Honey Creek Resort in southern Iowa hosted the gorgeous wedding of Michaela and Justin on a sunny day in September.  From the moment of their first look through dancing the night away, they were surrounded by friends and family who were overjoyed to celebrate the start of their life as husband and wife.  I loved the thoughtful touches the couple included in their big day; they posed holding their parents' wedding photos and had framed photos of their grandparents who had passed.  This couples amazing day was filled with love and happiness; the perfect start to an amazing life together!  Congrats you two!



Bartels-77-00043_WEBBartels-77-00043_WEB Bartels-77-00056_WEBBartels-77-00056_WEB Bartels-77-00087a_WEBBartels-77-00087a_WEB Bartels-77-00200a_WEBBartels-77-00200a_WEB Bartels-77-00135_WEBBartels-77-00135_WEB Bartels-77-00192_WEBBartels-77-00192_WEB Bartels-77-00207_WEBBartels-77-00207_WEB


[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Tue, 21 Feb 2017 18:09:28 GMT
Christy & Stephanie | Central Iowa Wedding Photographer I first connected with Stephanie & Christy over Facetime one evening, after they found me through my annual Facebook ad.  In no time, we were joking around, talking about their wedding day timeline, and planning for their spring engagement session.  A few months later the couple made the road trip from their home near Cedar Falls to Des Moines with their sweet pup Callie tagging along for their engagement photos at Gray's Lake and Waterworks Park.  It was so wonderful to finally meet face to face after relying on email so much!  They were total naturals for their engagement session which left me even more excited for their big day!

While the big day also brought a big rainstorm, the gorgeous Common's building on University of Northern Iowa's campus provided a perfect setting, and even allowed Callie to join a few photos with her moms!  Stephanie and Christy exchanged vows in the Georgian Lounge - a vaulted ceiling library, followed by a cocktail hour on the enclosed south terrace before dinner and dancing in the ballroom.  The couple was toasted by loved ones and there was a common theme - they were perfectly paired for each other, and both families have been waiting for this day for a long time!  As they shared their first dance as wives, the sun broke through the clouds, shining light on such a romantic and special day!  Thank you for including me on such a beautiful day, CJ & Stephanie!  Wishing you both the absolute best!  



2016-12-20_00022016-12-20_0002 2016-12-20_00042016-12-20_0004 2016-12-20_00052016-12-20_0005

2016-12-20_00032016-12-20_0003 2016-12-20_00112016-12-20_0011 2016-12-20_00122016-12-20_0012 2016-12-20_00072016-12-20_0007 2016-12-20_00082016-12-20_0008 2016-12-20_00062016-12-20_0006 2016-12-20_00092016-12-20_0009



[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Tue, 17 Jan 2017 15:39:08 GMT
Gordon + Angela Dvorak | Des Moines Wedding Photographer On a warm summer evening at the edge of the Des Moines river, a delightful couple exchanged personal vows that included house rules for Settlers of Catan and promises of forever.  When I met Angela, we clicked right away as we discussed the plans of their big day; having so much in common, I could totally picture the vintage-glam family affair with shades of gold and cream she described and was hopeful they'd book me.  I was elated when I heard back the following day and we set up time for their engagement shoot.  Their engagement shoot was my first chance to meet Gordon, and watching this adorable couple interact, it was obvious that he would marry her at the courthouse in a snowstorm - he was eager to start their life together as husband and wife.  They spent their big day celebrating with loved ones, partying until dark when we snuck away for a few fun photos, inspired by some of Angela's favorite photos!  Thank you Angela and Gordon for inviting me into your amazing day!  Enjoy some of the highlights below!



2016-12-19_00082016-12-19_0008 2016-12-19_00022016-12-19_0002 2016-12-19_00042016-12-19_0004 2016-12-19_00062016-12-19_0006 2016-12-19_00072016-12-19_0007

2016-12-19_00102016-12-19_0010 2016-12-19_00122016-12-19_0012 2016-12-19_00092016-12-19_0009 2016-12-19_00152016-12-19_0015 2016-12-19_00112016-12-19_0011 2016-12-19_00172016-12-19_0017 2016-12-19_00182016-12-19_0018

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Mon, 19 Dec 2016 18:14:48 GMT
Nate + Laura | Iowa Wedding Photographer I met Nate and Laura through Annie and Ryan Uhlenberg, whose wedding I photographed in 2014!  When Nate and Laura and I met up for coffee, we hit it off right away and built a timeline for their big day.  They planned a lovely ceremony at Laura's church in Chelsea, Iowa followed by photos at her family's gorgeous land, and then a fantastic party and meal in Toledo, Iowa.  The timeline gave us plenty of time for getting ready photos, a first look with Laura's dad, casual photos at their farm, and the reception.  But my favorite has to be the first look and private moment between Nate & Laura.  They had written letters to each other to read right before seeing each other and exchanged gifts.  

Congratulations, Laura & Nate!  Wishing you guys a lifetime of happy memories!



Rodemeyer-99-00034aRodemeyer-99-00034a Rodemeyer-77-00185Rodemeyer-77-00185 Rodemeyer-77-00101aRodemeyer-77-00101a Rodemeyer-77-00180Rodemeyer-77-00180 Rodemeyer-77-00148Rodemeyer-77-00148 Rodemeyer-99-00564Rodemeyer-99-00564 Rodemeyer-99-00498Rodemeyer-99-00498 Rodemeyer-77-00283Rodemeyer-77-00283 Rodemeyer-99-00826aRodemeyer-99-00826a Rodemeyer-77-00258aRodemeyer-77-00258a Rodemeyer-99-00131Rodemeyer-99-00131 Rodemeyer-77-00360Rodemeyer-77-00360 Rodemeyer-77-00322aRodemeyer-77-00322a

Rodemeyer-99-01222aRodemeyer-99-01222a Rodemeyer-77-00431Rodemeyer-77-00431

Rodemeyer-77-00481Rodemeyer-77-00481 Rodemeyer-99-01458Rodemeyer-99-01458

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Mon, 14 Nov 2016 23:00:00 GMT
Clare Heinrich | DCHS Senior Dowling Catholic High School senior, Clare Heinrich, recently took time from her busy schedule for senior portraits!  As a member of Dowling Catholic Vanguard marching band and Flute Choir, it was a no-brainer to feature her uniform, flute, and euphonium before heading out to capitalize on the beautiful fall colors around Des Moines.  You may recognize Clare from her recent feature in The Des Moines Register and WHO - TV13 regarding her bee keeping.  Clare also stays busy with People to People, Snake Club, Venture Scouts, Catechesis of the Good Shepard, and other groups at Dowling!


Clare Heinrich BannerClare Heinrich Banner









Check out a few more photos here!


Thanks for a great time with our shoot, Clare!  It was awesome getting to know you better!  Best of luck on the year ahead! 

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) High School Senior Wed, 02 Nov 2016 16:11:23 GMT
Brandon + Kimmi | Des Moines Wedding Photographer Brandon & KimmiBrandon & Kimmi

When your parents have such great friends when you're growing up, you end up with friends that are more like family; Brandon's mom and mine fall in that category, making Brandon more like my cousin than anything else.  I can't even tell you how long I've known Brandon, but we were overjoyed when he introduced us to Kimmi a few years ago.  So it probably goes without saying that I was thrilled when they asked if I would photograph their big day!  We took some time this week to capture engagement photos - check out this adorable couple!



2016-10-10_00082016-10-10_0008 2016-10-10_00022016-10-10_0002 2016-10-10_00052016-10-10_0005 2016-10-10_00102016-10-10_0010 2016-10-10_00092016-10-10_0009 Congrats, Brandon & Kimmi!

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Engagement Mon, 10 Oct 2016 14:37:27 GMT
Stella | Class of 2017 Iowa native Stella has spent most of her life in the desert, but jumped at the chance to have her senior portraits taken in Iowa.   Her family began planning a trip to Iowa for Labor Day weekend to attend a family wedding, and contacted me in April to set up Stella's shoot.  We had an absolutely gorgeous day and the best senior photo entourage I've had yet!  The icing on our cake was running into classic car owner, and local news anchor Todd Magel who graciously allowed us to take a few photos with his 1967 Lincoln Continental!  

Congrats, Stella!  Thanks for making time for me on your busy trip to Iowa!



2016-09-21_00012016-09-21_0001 2016-09-21_00052016-09-21_0005 2016-09-21_00022016-09-21_0002 2016-09-21_00102016-09-21_0010 2016-09-21_00032016-09-21_0003 2016-09-21_00112016-09-21_0011 2016-09-21_00042016-09-21_0004 2016-09-21_00092016-09-21_0009

2016-09-21_00082016-09-21_0008The entourage!

Stella's Entourage!


[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) High School Senior Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:30:01 GMT
Sarah & Ethan | Des Moines Wedding Photographer Sarah & Ethan's day might have been warm, but it was full of love as friends and family joined them from across the United States!  I also met this couple through Bonnie at Perfect Events, and had a wonderful time capturing their big day at Raccoon River Park!  The couple exchanged their emotional vows outside under a canopy, and had a fun reception inside (away from the heat!), catered by Palmer's Deli!

Enjoy this peek into their big day!

2016-07-31_00062016-07-31_0006 2016-07-31_00082016-07-31_0008 2016-07-31_00052016-07-31_0005 2016-07-31_00032016-07-31_0003 2016-07-31_00072016-07-31_0007 2016-07-31_00022016-07-31_0002 2016-07-31_00012016-07-31_0001


Congrats, Sarah & Ethan!  Thank you for letting me capture your big day!

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Sun, 31 Jul 2016 19:36:00 GMT
Jaimie & Rodney | Des Moines Family Photographer I first met Jaimie, Rodney and Hannah when they attended my Open House at my new studio!  I distinctly remember Hannah acting shy but managed to get a smile out of her as they introduced their family.  Jaimie found me through Nextdoor, a neighborhood based social media site, and I'm so glad she did!  A few weeks later, Jaimie and I set up time to best understand their needs.  Jaimie and Rodney's 2013 adoption coordinated by Bethany Christian Services brought Hannah to their family and they're ready for their family to grow! Part of their adoption process is putting together a family photo album for prospective birth parents to learn more about their family; we scheduled two shoots, one at a local park, and another at their home to show this family in action!  Jaimie quickly pointed out how few photos she's in as she is usually behind the camera!  

We had a wonderful time with our shoots, and together made a video for prospective birth parents to watch as well!  Take a look at this cute family, and follow their journey on Facebook here:


2016-07-29_00012016-07-29_0001 2016-07-29_00022016-07-29_0002

2016-07-29_00092016-07-29_0009 2016-07-29_00032016-07-29_0003 2016-07-29_00072016-07-29_0007 2016-07-29_00062016-07-29_0006

I think this photo perfectly captures "I'm 3!" :)





[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Family Photos Sat, 30 Jul 2016 22:49:59 GMT
Mary & Theo Bartemes | Des Moines Wedding Photographer Mary & Theo's wedding and reception in Urbandale, Iowa was a day filled with love, music, and family.  They had the most wonderful wedding choir I've ever heard; every song was carefully selected by this musically-gifted couple.  I've known the bride for about fifteen years and was overjoyed when she and Theo contacted me for their wedding photography!  Together we designed a timeline that accommodated for the photos that were important to the couple, and their families' timelines, ensuring we had the perfect amount of time for formal and candid photos.  Theo's grandfather officiated the wedding at St. Pius X Catholic Church, which was attended by extended family on both sides.  Their son, James, was adorable and filled his role as ring bearer perfectly!  After the beautiful ceremony, everyone celebrated at the Hilton Garden Inn in Urbandale!


Enjoy this peek into their day, and the highlight video at the end!  


2016-07-26_00042016-07-26_0004 2016-07-26_00072016-07-26_0007 2016-07-26_00062016-07-26_0006 2016-07-26_00092016-07-26_0009 2016-07-26_00052016-07-26_0005 2016-07-26_00102016-07-26_0010 2016-07-26_00082016-07-26_0008 2016-07-26_00112016-07-26_0011 2016-07-26_00122016-07-26_0012 2016-07-26_00132016-07-26_0013 2016-07-26_00022016-07-26_0002



Congratulations, Mary & Theo!  

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Wed, 27 Jul 2016 23:45:53 GMT
Jamie & Brendan | Des Moines Wedding Photographer You may remember Jamie & Brendan from their sweet engagement session downtown last fall.  I met these two through their wedding planner, Bonnie at Perfect Events in Clive, and could quickly see how loving and sweet they are together.  Their day at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden was planned to a T and had perfectly scheduled rain to give us gorgeous light, and a cool breeze.  This was my first wedding in the newly redesigned outdoor gardens and it is clear to see why engaged couples love this space! 

Here is a sneak peek of their special day and a fun video of the highlights!  



2016-07-19_00082016-07-19_0008 2016-07-19_00022016-07-19_0002

2016-07-19_00062016-07-19_0006 2016-07-19_00032016-07-19_0003 2016-07-19_00052016-07-19_0005

2016-07-19_00092016-07-19_0009 2016-07-19_00072016-07-19_0007


Congrats, Jamie & Brendan on your happily ever after!

[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Wedding Tue, 26 Jul 2016 21:00:36 GMT
Richardson Family | June 2016 | Des Moines Photographer The Richardson Family is back, and they brought the whole family!  I was even able to bust out a few new tricks to get big grins from Crew!  Thanks, Richardson family for making a warm afternoon a bunch of fun!

2016-06-30_00142016-06-30_0014 2016-06-30_00152016-06-30_0015


[email protected] (Lauren Campbell Photography) Family Photos Thu, 14 Jul 2016 01:17:12 GMT
HeyGiud Communications | Des Moines Photographer I could not have been more excited when my longtime friend and business consultant was given the opportunity to open her own boutique agency guiding business (like mine!) through the constantly changing world of social media.  That is, until she contacted me for new head shots and stock photos for her site and my excitement doubled! 

HeyGiud Communications

We knew we wanted photos that reflected Annie's style; including her love of coffee, Des Moines, and good music.  I mean, with a name like HeyGiud Communications, you know there has to be a music reference!  We started our shoot at the lovely Smokey Row coffee shop before hitting up Court Avenue and ending our day with the gorgeous Des Moines skyline from the capital.  The incredibly talented TJ Vance also joined us, making this shoot even more fun!

We focused on creating images that Annie could use across all social media platforms and her website that are consistent with her brand identity.  Obviously, with her certification in social media from Northwestern, Annie is well aware of the importance of quality visuals to represent her brand, and her clients as well.  Annie is now well-stocked for blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more!  Thanks, Annie!  And congrats on HeyGiud!

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Looking to step up your social media game?  Check out Annie at HeyGuid communications!

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