Senior year is such an exciting moment for the entire family. So many 'firsts' and celebrating many 'lasts' and Senior Portraits are the perfect way to document and cherish these moments!

When planning your outfits, I encourage every senior to bring at least one outfit in each of the following categories:


Casual - Does it feel like you almost have a uniform on the weekends? Pick an outfit or two that represents the style you wear most often.  Sure, mom might roll her eyes at the jeans or shoes you picked, but having some photos that capture your style are what senior portraits are all about!

Hobby/Activities - From team sports and marching band to whatever keeps you busy on the weekends, consider an outfit that represents your passion!

Dressy - Consider a collared shirt, a nice sweater, or even a suit as a timeless look that mom and grandma will cherish for years.