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Nate + Laura | Iowa Wedding Photographer

November 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I met Nate and Laura through Annie and Ryan Uhlenberg, whose wedding I photographed in 2014!  When Nate and Laura and I met up for coffee, we hit it off right away and built a timeline for their big day.  They planned a lovely ceremony at Laura's church in Chelsea, Iowa followed by photos at her family's gorgeous land, and then a fantastic party and meal in Toledo, Iowa.  The timeline gave us plenty of time for getting ready photos, a first look with Laura's dad, casual photos at their farm, and the reception.  But my favorite has to be the first look and private moment between Nate & Laura.  They had written letters to each other to read right before seeing each other and exchanged gifts.  

Congratulations, Laura & Nate!  Wishing you guys a lifetime of happy memories!



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