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Brandon & Kimmi | Des Moines Wedding Photographer

August 03, 2017  •  2 Comments

One of the many awesome things to experience as a photographer is getting the chance to photograph milestones for your own family.  The Swedbergs are like family; I've known Brandon for over twenty years and when he introduced Kimmi to our crew, we knew she was the perfect match for him.  

Brandon and Kimmi planned such a beautiful day, starting at the gorgeous Plymouth Church in Des Moines.  We took advantage of the magnificent grounds for their first look and informal photos before formal portraits in the sanctuary.  Their union was celebrated with a quick ceremony before they were sent off with cheers for a quick stop at Johnny's Hall of Fame before the reception.  When the bridal party arrived at Embassy Club West out at West Glen, we took advantage of the gorgeous surroundings for photos around the pond and pedestrian path that was helpfully scouted by the moms!

Enjoy these photos from their lovely day! 




Swedberg-99ii-00065Swedberg-99ii-00065 Swedberg-99ii-00266Swedberg-99ii-00266 Swedberg-99ii-00114Swedberg-99ii-00114 Swedberg-99ii-00164aSwedberg-99ii-00164a Swedberg-99ii-00147Swedberg-99ii-00147 Swedberg-99ii-00484Swedberg-99ii-00484 Swedberg-99ii-00439Swedberg-99ii-00439 Swedberg-99ii-00526Swedberg-99ii-00526 Swedberg-99ii-00538Swedberg-99ii-00538 Swedberg-99ii-00597Swedberg-99ii-00597 Swedberg-99ii-00400Swedberg-99ii-00400

Swedberg-99ii-00649Swedberg-99ii-00649 Swedberg-77-00047Swedberg-77-00047 Swedberg-99ii-00818Swedberg-99ii-00818 Swedberg-99ii-00832Swedberg-99ii-00832


Swedberg-99-00241Swedberg-99-00241 Swedberg-99-00245Swedberg-99-00245 Swedberg-99-00305Swedberg-99-00305 Swedberg-99-00274Swedberg-99-00274 Swedberg-99-00348Swedberg-99-00348 Swedberg-99ii-00970Swedberg-99ii-00970 Swedberg-99ii-00997Swedberg-99ii-00997 Swedberg-99ii-01020aSwedberg-99ii-01020a Swedberg-99-00386aSwedberg-99-00386a Swedberg-99ii-01050Swedberg-99ii-01050 Swedberg-99-00471Swedberg-99-00471 Swedberg-99-00267aSwedberg-99-00267a

Congrats, Brandon & Kimmi!


Judy Clough(non-registered)
Beautiful couple!
laura allen davis(non-registered)
Congratulations Kimmi, You are soooo beautiful!!!
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